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Ed Driver |
Great Website. Your carvings are fantastic in design, creativity, and workmanship. Simply amazing. I hope I get the opportunity to see them for real at a show. I'm disabled and am just starting to carve at the ripe old age of 54. My plans are to work with the local carving club, and attend a seminar once I get a few basic skills and am able to devote time to carving during the required time intervals. I will be visiting your website on a regular basis just for pure enjoyment of viewing your work. Thanks, Ed
17 January 2008 - Endicott, New York

Mark N. Akers | |
Hope ya'll had a very Merry Christmas and I really enjoyed looking at your site,some really neat things,hope to see you again at Charlotte.
26 December 2007 - lexington sc

Larry Tepper |
Great work Bill, enjoyed the galleries thoroughly. My wife and I are carvers and wood workers. Excellent paint work, but I enjoy the natural wood pieces the most. You certainly give a guy a fine level to work to.
11 July 2007 - Johnstown, CO

Bill Meiners |
Hi Bill loved all your carvings. Every time I see carving it inspires me to go back to it. I'll be retiring soon in NC and get back to carving. Nice work Bill. Hope I can find a carving club there to.
16 May 2007

John Evans | |
Hi Bill, enjoyed viewing your work.If you get time come on down to Silver Dollar City Seminar the 1st of March. We get a pretty large turnout every year.
5 February 2007 - Branson,MO

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